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Source - Bring it Back!: Wrestling cruises

Subject: WCW Bruise Cruise report (second-hand)

Date: 1992-03-31 12:07:03 PST
 WCW’s ‘91 “Bruise Cruise” (1 ½ hr.) Hand Held footage of Luger, Sting, Badd, Pillman, S. Steiner and other top names from that time period.                  
I met a woman at the recent WCW show in Worcester, MA who went on the WCW Bruise Cruise 
at the end of November '91.  This woman was about 50 years old and was a half-mark.  I spoke to 
her for about 15 minutes and she showed me about 50 pictures from it.  She said that it cost about $1,700, 
but would have cost only about $1,300 if she had made her reservations earlier.  The whole thing lasted 8 days 
and 7 nights and left from Florida.  168 fans went, but there were also plenty of other passengers on board who 
had nothing to do with this promotion.  She is a huge WCW fan, even though she lives in MA.  The wrestlers
weren't in character - that is, the faces and heels dined and drank together and the heels were as friendly (or not)as the faces.  They were still called Sting and Diamond Dallas Page, but  they wewren't really playing the whole act up.  Here's what she told/showed me:
From what she told me and from the pictures, the wrestlers/announcers on board were Scott Steiner, Sting, Lex, Terry Taylor, Badd, Jimmy Garvin,Michael Hayes, AA, Bobby Eaton, Pillman, Dallas Page, Diamond Studd, P.N.News, Larry Z, Magnum TA, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Dustin Rhodes, and Tom Zenk.  There may have been others as well.  Half were there for the first four days of the cruise and then they docked and those guys left and another ten or so got on.
When they docked to let the wrestlers on and off, the wrestlers put on a wrestling card at some football field.
Originally, El Gigante and Rick Steiner were also supposed to be there.  El Gigante's mother was very ill, so he was home visiting her.  Rick Steiner's wife had just given birth and the infant was very sick, so Rick was home with her.  I don't know if these reasons were legit or just what the fans were told so they wouldn't complain about Gigante's and Steiner's absences.
There were special dinners, cocktail parties, and autograph sessions with all of the wrestlers specifically for the people who bought the Bruise Cruise package.  But the wrestlers were all over the boat, too, signing autographs and mingling with all of the non-fan passengers too.
Lex Luger was out of wrestling then for about a month because he was having an operation on his jaw due to some impacted wisdom teeth problems, which I think she said was from much earlier in his life.  He was only on the ship one day because of this.
Terry Taylor, who the woman originally hated, was the nicest guy of the bunch.  He does hysterical Hulk Hogan and Macho Man impressions.  This woman now corresponds with Taylor and his wife.  In fact, she met up with them for dinner when they came to Worcester. (Actually, all the WCW wrestlers stayed at the Revere HoJos, just outside of Boston, as did the WWF wrestlers on the very same night).
Luger and Taylor won't let their kids watch wrestling because they're the bad guys. Also because of the violence.Luger has been married 13 years and has 2 kids.
Michael Hayes got drunk and sang "Jailhouse Rock" with the house band.
Magnum TA's wife is absolutely gorgeous!  
Larry Zybszko wasn't particulary friendly.  He wasn't nasty, but he just wasn't as outgoing as most of the others were.  AA, on the other hand, was great.  He stayed up until 3:30 one morning with a bunch of fans, buying them all drinks.
The woman I met got her picture in the WCW magazine and also in the Sunday Boston Herald wrestling column, which showed her kissing Lex.  
Dusty Rhodes wasn't there, to quote the woman, "thank God.  I really didn't want to see him in a bathing suit."
Damond Dallas Page was "a doll".  He is really funny and talks a lot like he does in his interviews.  The DiamondStudd and Johnny B. Badd were great, too.
This woman had made mittens for El Gigante (which looked to be the size of pillowcases) and afghans and mittens for Lex and Sting.  Lex seemed to like them a lot.  Sting was a lot more standoffish and accepted the presents, but didn't really beam over them, like Luger did.  In the 4 pictures I saw of Sting, two of which were posed, he wasn't smiling.  
The woman had previously made an afghan for Lex and had taken a picture of it covering a Lex wrestling buddy on her couch at home.  She then sent that afghan and picture to his gym about 2 months before the cruise.  On the cruise, she showed Lex the picture of the afghan, doll, and couch and he immediatley recognized it and her thanked her a lot.  He said that one of his kids now uses the afghan.  The woman then gave him another one and he seemed genuinely touched and said that his other kid would use it.  
Before the trip, she hated Terry Taylor and loved Lex.  After the trip,Taylor had become her #1 boy, and she wasstill in love with Lex.  She couldn't stop raving about how bright and friendly Taylor was (and how much he really loves being in wrestling).  She and Terry (and Terry's wife) have exchanged a couple of notes since the trip ended.  
All in all, it sounded like a really good time.  This woman loved it and intends to go on the next one.

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A fictitious Tom Zenk facebook page has 4999 friends including many ex WCW and AWA wrestlers, holding daily conversations with a wannabe Z-Man

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