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Is it Matt Bomer  ('White Collar') without his shirt or the Z-Man, Tom Zenk.?

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The Z-Man vs. Captain Mike Rotunda: source

"Rotunda sure is letting his hair grow out. I know, that was a weird observation on my part. While I'm on the subject, why is Rotunda introduced as "Captain", especially since the Varsity Club was no more at this point? Z-Man is, of course, Tom Zenk, a.k.a the most angry midcarder to hit the internet in the early part of the 21st century. Lockup, and Rotunda with a waist-lock takedown. Lockup, and Z-Man with a standing side headlock. Irish whip, and Z-Man with a shoulder block. Lockup, and Z-Man with another headlock and shoulder block. CLIP JOB! Rotunda takes Z-Man over with a suplex and covers for a two count. Rotunda slaps on a front facelock, then turns it into an abdominal stretch. Yes, he uses the ropes for leverage. Rotunda is dripping sweat, and even by his standards of heavy sweating, that must've been a hell of a clip job. Rotunda releases after being caught cheating, then quickly applies a rear chinlock. Z-Man escapes with elbows to the midsection, but Rotunda kills him with a flying clothesline to a pretty good face pop. Irish whip, and Rotunda misses a dropkick. Whip to the corner, and Z-Man puts Rotunda down with a back elbow. Rotunda rakes the eyes. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Z-Man rolls through a cross body for the three count at 4:17, clipped down from about 13-minutes. Quite off topic, but I'm amazed Vince Russo never formed a tag team called "The Sea Men", considering his level of immature humor and penis jokes. *1/2 Not much was here, but it looked okay, and I'm sure the full match was a bit better. Stupid THE clip jobs." source

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Halloween Havoc 1992 in Philadelphia

- Opening match: Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson & Michael Hayes v. Johnny Gunn , Tom Zenk & Shane Douglas. Gee, which side do you think the Philly crowd will cheer? The faces nearly get booed out of the building here, in case there was any doubt. The Pretty Boys clean house early. Zenk gets beat on for a while, then makes a hottish tag to Shane, and the heels cheat like nuts to regain the advantage. Jesse is in awe of the fans' reaction. Shane escapes a figure-four (oh, the irony) and makes the hot tag, and a pier-six erupts. Gunn (later to become Salvatore Sincere or Tom Brandi , depending on your view) hits the Thesz Press for the pin. Crowd does not approve. Good opener. **3/4 

ON THE OTHER - writes Dec 31, 1992 on rspw
1) Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton/Michael Hayes vs. Johnny Gunn/Tom Zenk/Shane

In all likelihood, this match will NOT make the tape, but I think it should, as it was one of the best matches of the night.  The fans popped BIG TIME  for the heel team and booed the faces.  This made Arn and Bobby work harder,  which is great as they are hard workers anyway.  They really played up the crowd and wrestled well.  However, the faces were scripted to win.  Gunn with the (ack!) Lou Thesz press.  **3/4

HUGE crowd pops for all three heels (AA, BB, Mike Hayes) as well as Tom Zenk.
Jesse even mentioned it after I was grinning at the cheers for the heels.

--Otto "Cactus Hack"
From rspw 1 July, 1991 - " I've recently been watching (and thoroughly enjoying) older matches that the AWA are showing from their archives and it seems that an awful lot of current WWF stars  were involved with the AWA. Is there some sort of story there or is it typical? In other words is the AWA merely showing the brief moments when currently popular wrestlers were simply 'passing through' or was there some sort of mass exodus of wrestlers to the WWF from the AWA.
By the way, I noticed during an old match between Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura that the referee was an even younger looking Tom  Zenk.

1991 - WCW Clash of the Champions XVII was held at the Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia. Here are the results of the show, which was aired live on TBS:
- Big Josh defeated Thomas Rich in a Lumberjack match.
- Bobby Eaton defeated Firebreaker Chip.
- Tom Zenk defeated The Diamond Stud (Scott Hall) in less than two minutes.
- WCW Television Champion Steve Austin defeated PN News.
- Cactus Jack defeated Van Hammer.
- Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat defeated Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko to win the WCW World Tag Team Title when Steamboat pinned Anderson.
- WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman defeated Johnny B. Badd.
- Rick Rude defeated Sting to win the WCW United States Title.
- WCW World Champion Lex Luger defeated Rick Steiner.
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Bad to the Bell:
* Bad Breed vs. Pitbulls ECW 1/17/95
* Bad Bad Leroy Brown vs. Mike Rotundo NWA World Wide Wrestling 10/13/82
* AWA World Tag Team Champions Badd Company vs. Ken Patera & Tom Zenk AWA All Star Wrestling 4/2/89
* WCW World Telvision Champion Steve Regal vs. Johnny B Badd Fall Brawl 1994
* For The Vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Bad Guy Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel Raw 9/27/93

Abdullah The Butcher:
* Abdullah The Butcher, Mike Rotunda & Norman vs. Cactus Jack, Kevin Sullivan & The Punisher NWA Main Event 4/8/90
* Abdullah The Butcher, Terry Funk & JT Smith vs. Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco & Kevin Sullivan ECW 10/12/93
* Abdullah The Butcher vs. Ron Bass NWA World Wide Wrestling 7/23/85
* Abdullah The Butcher vs. Manny Fernandez Starrcade 1985

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