Wednesday, October 5, 2022


1988 and Billy Jack was setting up the Oregon Wrestling Federation to rival Don Owen's Pacific Northwest promotion. According to Tom, "Billy rang me and offered me $1,200 a week to come and work for him. I told him "No Billy, I'm loyal to Don." He told me, "Well I'm calling youa punk. You're nothing but a punk. I'm telling you, face to face, man to man, you're a punk." On the opening night of Billy Jack's fed, I drove up to Portland for the rival card that Don was promoting on the same night. I think Billy's promotion lasted only 4 months." (It closed 7/17/88).

Don Owens Extravaganza, May 7-8 May, 1988
5/7/88 Portland 
Cage match for tag titles - 
Steve Doll & Scott Peterson def. Avalanche & Mike Golden 
Assassin def. Buddy Rose DQ 
Tom Zenk def. Grappler DQ 
Matt Borne def. Shogun 
Jesse Barr def. Al Madril DQ 
Tom Zenk def. CW Bergstrom 
Billy Two Eagles & Art Barr def. Moondog Moretti & Steve Austin

5/8/88 Seattle 
AWA Champion Curt Hennig def. The Grappler 
Assassin def. Buddy Rose 
Al Madril drew Jesse Barr 
Tom Zenk def. CW Bergstrom 
Matt Borne def. Shogun DQ 
Steve Austin & Mike Golden & Avalanche def. Billy Two Eagles & Steve Doll & Art Barr 
Steve Doll & Scott Peterson def. Moondog Moretti & Steve Austin 
Cowboy Lang def. Coconut Willie

coverage below  from Northwest Wrestlemedia, Volume 2, No.7 and the excellent blog "I remember Portland Wrestling"