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Dino Bravo - unofficial

Another name from Lutte Internationale: Tom Zenk

Once poised to be the next big thing in Montreal. WWF changed the landscape and Tom jumped ship along with Dino, the Rougeaus, Haku and Martel.

Tom's dislike of Martel grew and he walked away. Away from being the next WWF tag team champ and a lucrative contract. Whatever Tom's reasons were they must've been serious because he hates Rick to this day.

While Tom went on to have a great career outside the WWF, one can't help but wonder what could've been. — with Tito Senza and Benny Young.
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Alan AhYo Fame will do that to YOU!
January 15 at 7:23am · Like

Landon LanDio Woolsey I think Tom Zenk's career went downhill after his stint with the WWF/E.
January 15 at 7:23am · Like · 1

Dino Bravo - unofficial As far as mainstream exposure went, yes. But he was pushed in NWA/WCW. It's not as though he hit the Indy circuits or became a jobber or vanished.
January 15 at 7:25am · Like · 2

Bertrand Hébert The dislike is mutual. We have Rick version in the book.
January 15 at 7:56am · Like · 2

Eric Brian Thomas he did great in wcw
January 15 at 8:39am · Like

David DavyMan Allard For those who thinks the feud Micheals vs Hart was the greatest never know about Zenk vs Martel feud  deeper feud  i have heard a lot about it !!
January 15 at 8:51am via mobile · Like · 1

Bethou Amon un vrai garçon et non woody
a real boy and non-woody(Translated by Bing)
January 15 at 9:24am · Like

Bethou Amon les woody, humm!!!!!
January 15 at 9:24am · Like

Anthony Jones Tom Zenk was tight!
January 15 at 10:00am via mobile · Like

Pat Koby ok can someone explain the story
January 15 at 10:57am via mobile · Like

Pat Koby holly crap
January 15 at 11:19am via mobile · Like · 1

Ken Floyd Can-Am Connection was a good team, so was Z-Man and B. Pillman.
January 15 at 11:47am · Like

Pro Wrestling Old School Talk Shawn Patrick. How would you possibly know that. Tom Zenk himself has just said that it's true.
January 15 at 12:00pm · Like · 3

Cedeno Maritess Wow handsome thats my ideal body ,.,.happy new year
January 15 at 12:07pm · Like

Adam Luce If u want to say your side do a shoot interview and an apperance zenk im sure rob feinstein wouldnt mind.
January 15 at 12:08pm · Like · 1

Ken Floyd Tom Zenk, I appreciated your career. I dont get why folks are attacking you...
January 15 at 12:08pm · Like · 4

Tim Jaquay In my opinion some of the best moments of Zenk's career were after he left the WWF with the AWA and Crockett etc. In a way it gave birth to a very entertaining singles run for Zenk.
January 15 at 12:11pm · Like · 4

Tim Jaquay If someone wronged you in your personal life, wouldn't you be bitter? It doesn't matter if anyone cares about it.
January 15 at 12:20pm · Like · 1

Tim Jaquay Eh, hell with him Tom. He looks like Hacksaw's illegitimate son anyway
January 15 at 12:31pm · Like · 3

Dino Bravo - unofficial everyone say goodbye to chuck
January 15 at 12:32pm · Like · 2

Dino Bravo - unofficial Let me be clear........Tom is my friend. I don't allow insulting wrestlers on my page. If a wrestler talks directly to you fine, but be respectful or go away. - Skelley
January 15 at 12:44pm · Like · 9

Pro Wrestling Old School Talk Well said Mr Skelley.
January 15 at 12:49pm · Like · 3

Jon Shirley Mr. Zenk I friend requested you and it said you have reached the maximum number of friends, that blows, I'm a big fan.
January 15 at 12:54pm via mobile · Like · 3

Richard Valdez Jr. Well well this is something that many of us didnt know. Mr zenk dont let it rub u the wrong way. As far ss Mr Bravo how could u fix a weight lifting match my god have u no morals....lol dont ever let anyone take yo ur thunder anyone grest job guys make sure its out there
January 15 at 12:56pm via mobile · Like · 4

Michael Joseph Kerns Zenk knows what happened u marks... U guys were still in diapers.. Stop reading the observer...cause ur getting brainwashed..
January 15 at 1:07pm · Like · 3

Brian Macias Ahhh now I know! I was disappointed that Tom Zenk let. Too bad. I never liked Martell
January 15 at 1:27pm via mobile · Like · 1

Dino Bravo - unofficial The Observer is a terrible source for credible information.
January 15 at 2:05pm · Like · 2

WWF/E, WCW, and NWO old school talk It appears that Rick Martel has joined that long list of wrestlers who turned out to be real life letdowns. G
January 15 at 3:49pm · Like

Dino Bravo - unofficial Lmao Shawn Patrick. As if you're anything more than a big mouth mark. Good bye
January 15 at 5:01pm · Like · 2

Jim Morneau Marshall I was young and I remember seeing lots of laught between Martel and Zenk in travelling accros Quebec and New Brunswick. That's what I remember of those two mens. Still talking to Martel Iwish I could talk to Zenk but his facebook too full too many frie...See More
January 16 at 2:57pm via mobile · Like · 1

Stephanie Morneau Marshall Tom zenk .... mon fantasme quand j etais jeune je caPOTAIS SUR LUI PIS pis Dyno Bravo pis ricky martel ayoye!!!!!ayez vous bien regarder le......toupette cutieeeeee
Tom zenk... my fantasy when j was young I caPOTAIS on LUI PIS pis Dyno Bravo ricky martel ayoye pis!well have you watch the... overwhelmed cutieeeeee(Translated by Bing)
January 16 at 3:46pm · Like · 1

Dennis Mounk Mr Valdez from my vantage point Jessie didn't help at all.
January 16 at 3:50pm · Like · 1

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