Thursday, July 23, 2015

The truth according to Eric Bischoff ......

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1994 WCW as told by Eric Bischoff
Released July 13th, 2015. Interview was conducted by Sean Oliver

Includes the following
Missy Hyatt was fired on February 8th (1994). Oliver asks Bischoff what happened. Bischoff said there were numerous issues as one of them took place at MGM Studios when she pitched a fit over the fact the company signed Sherri Martel. Bischoff said he had enough of her and she was not a star like Hogan, Piper, or Savage and past her prime then jokes about the whole getting a chance to see her star when she claimed to be leaving for New York to enroll in the Screen Actors Guild…….

Tom Zenk was released on May 16th (1994). Others that also got cut were Erik Watts, Terry Taylor, Awesome Kong, Thunder & Lightning, and Kent & Keith Cole. Bischoff said that Zenk was fired due to a combination of cost-cutting and the fact he never thought much of him, saying that he was a “dick” and not worth the hassle due to being a mediocre talent.….

Bischoff is asked about Ricky Steamboat’s claim that he was fired by Federal Express after injury. He said that everyone was fired by Federal Express at the time but that they also deserved a conversation. He tried to call Steamboat but only got his wife, who Bischoff joked acted like his agent. Bischoff said there was no long-term plans for him as his contract expired at the end of the year….

Now we get to the Honky Tonk Man getting fired. Bischoff said that Honky refused to do the finish and that he loves Honky but once he said that he fired him on the spot as Bischoff called that one of the happiest days in his life. He said that he brought Honky in against his will and not once did they argue about money…..

On September 17th, Jesse Ventura was sent home with five months remaining on his contract. Bischoff said he made up his mind at a Disney taping when Ventura held up an entire production crew, soundstage, and talent he was paying to shoot a show when he went to the wrong stage that was not in use and was found by Bischoff taking a nap in the fetal position, looking like he death. Bischoff notes that Ventura was not a drinker or known for doing drugs but said what he did was disrespectful by making everyone wait he couldn’t take it and had to send him home. Bischoff said that he sent Ventura out to do finish the tapings and after that he was done. Oliver asks if that had anything to do regarding Hogan as Bischoff said they had heat as Ventura kept pissing and moaning about Hogan in the company but it was not Ventura’s time or place to undermine the decision to bring Hogan into WCW…..

Catcus Jack left WCW as Bischoff said he did about frustration as Jack wanted to be more “extreme” but WCW and himself did not want that into the company.

He talks about Ole Anderson being fired. Bischoff said he was narrow-minded and focused to work with but likes him as a person and would like to have a beer with him, despite knowing that will never happen. Bischoff said Ole kept wanting to do things like it was “1975” and it got to the point where it couldn’t take it anymore. Bischoff said they had a fun relationship at the beginning and would wrestle playfully in the control room then puts him over for being a great trainer and would see the passion when he was doing that so decided to make him a trainer at the Power Plant. He tells another story about Blackjack Mulligan, who Bischoff said was very loyal, knock out Ole at the Power Plant after Ole was talking shit about Bischoff.