Saturday, March 24, 2012


Congratulations to youtube channel Sergji for unearthing this VERY rare Tom Zenk video - featuring All Stars wrestling, Vienna in Spring 1988 at the Ferry Dusika Stadion. Tom Zenk vs Afa the Wild Samoan,with commentary by Jazz Gitty!

All Stars Promotions was based in Fridley, MN, with ties to AWA, and hired workers, mainly out of Minneapolis, with international visibility through US wrestling broadcasts into Europe (via Sky Sports, German DSR television, etc.)  The tour was billed as "Superstars of Wrestling - Die Besten Catcher aus USA (the Best of American Wrestling)." 

Originally, Kamala was booked to headline with Tom Zenk in a 'Beauty and the Beast' angle.
But Kamala was unavailable. He was replaced by Afa of the Samoans. Other talent included Derrick Dukes, The Terminators (Riggs and Wolff), Wendy Richter, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather and Luna. 

The tour was scheduled for 22 matches in 22 towns across Europe between April 13 and May 6, 1988. 

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