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Tom Zenk in Mid South, April 1984

Mid South under Bill Watts was one of the early promotion where Tom Zenk tried out. His tour was cut short by a family emergency.  The following image shows the card for 4/10/84.. Other earlier matches are listed below. Terry Taylor was the rising babyface. Lanny Poffo was living out of his car boot. Bill Watts was Bill Watts

Mid south pro 4/10/84
Lake Charles LA 
Mid-South Tag Team titles: The Midnight Express vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express 
Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs Krusher Darsow & Nikolai Volkoff 
Magnum TA vs Mr Wrestling II 
Buddy Landell vs Lanny Poffo 
Butch Reed vs Tom Zenk 
Joe Savoldi vs Masao Ito

4/2/84 Baton Rouge 
Magnum TA beat Mr. Wrestling II
Texas Tornado Match
Jim Duggan & Terry Taylor beat Nicolai Volkoff & Crusher Darsow
Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey beat Bill Dundee & Porkchop Cash
Lights Out match
Ricky Morton beat Buddy Landell
Butch Reed beat Lanny Poffo
Professor Ito beat John King
Tom Zenk beat Jerry Grey

4/4/84 Coliseum, Mississippi State Fairgounds in JacksonMississippi 
Mid-South Tag Team Titles Match
Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) (c) defeated Porkchop Cash and Bill Dundee
Magnum TA vs. Mr. Wrestling II - winner unknown 
Nikolai Volkoff and Krusher Kruschev vs. Terry Taylor and Mystery Partner - winner unknown 
Butch Reed and Buddy Landel vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) - winner unknown 
Lanny Poffo vs. Masao Ito - winner unknown 
Tom Zenk vs John King – winner unknown

4/6/84 Houston, Sam Houston Coliseum (for Paul Boesch and Huston Wrestling)
Krusher Krushev(Darsow) & Nikolai Volkoff beat Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor
Magnum TA beat Mr Wrestling II
Midnight Express beat Bill Dundee & Porkchop Cash
Hector Guerrero beat Masao Ito
Rock & Roll Express beat Butch Reed & Buddy Landell
Jerry Gray beat Joe Savoldi
Tom Zenk beat John King

4/7/84 Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA 
Bill Watts & Stagger Lee beat Midnight Express (Jim Cornette had to wear a dress)
coal miners Russian roulette match
Jim Duggan beat Crusher Darsow
Mr. Wrestling II beat Magnum TA
Midnight Express beat Bill Dundee & Pork Chop Cash
Terry Taylor beat Butch Reed dq
Kerry Von Erich beat Prof. Ito
Buddy Landell beat Lanny Poffo
Rock & Roll Express beat Nikolai Volkoff & The Russian Invader
Tom Zenk beat Jerry Grey
John King beat Joe Savoldi
Att 25,000. 

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