Saturday, January 28, 2012

Believe it or not ......


Andrew McCarthy (St Elmos Fire, Pretty in Pink) is the greatest wimp character of all time and I mean that in the best possible way. He pulled off the wimpy but lovable 80's guy in many of his films. He also fucked Molly Ringwald so he gets big props there.

Andrew McCarthy didn't have a typical silver spoon fed Hollywood upbringing as some of his colleagues and he was certainly no "richie". Born in the small town of Crazy Crane West Virginia, Andrew's parents Steve and Cynthia were hard working, blue collar folks who were diligent about instilling country charm and down home values in him. Perhaps this is why he comes off as a very nice guy. He was a like able kid who did well in school despite his battle with arthritic dyslexia. This affliction certainly affected Andrew's ability in school but he was determined to overcome it, and he did with treatment and guidance from Dr. Rex Kisamore, a local nervologist who practiced in the neighboring town of Slawsonville. Dr. Kisamore was often on movie sets with Andrew helping him sound out his vowels and memorize his lines. 

From Andrew's first childhood onscreen appearances in commercials for Boo Berry cereal and vinyl siding, it was obvious he was a natural. As a child he would practice his craft of taking on various roles while watching and emulating the professional wrestlers he would see on television and at the annual Town of Crazy Crane Lawn Party. To this day, Andrew can often be spotted at independent wrestling events wearing t-shirts of his all time favorite wrestler, former Mr. Minnesota Tom "Z-Man" Zenk of early '90s World Championship Wrestling fame. While Andrew is an accomplished actor and a true gentleman, he certainly takes his wrestling seriously and sometimes gets very emotional at matches. It is rumored that he was once escorted out of a bingo hall in Buena Vista, Va while vocally taunting wrestlers and attempting to round up fellow crowd members to "go with him to get that chain". Mr. McCarthy denies this and other similar accusations ever took place. 

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