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why did Tom leave WWF

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I worked with Tom Zenk quite a bit back in the day, and he told me the reason he left was over money. Not so much that he wasn't being paid well, but that his partner, [Rick Martel], was making (his words) "Ten times more than me!". He told Vince he wanted the same money or he would walk and Vince told him he could do just that. In retrospect, he knew he had screwed up, but nobody in WWE would return his call after he left.
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From various WONs: For WM1, Orndorff got $20,000, Mr.T got $100,000 and Piper got $75,000; Hogan got between 75k-100k; For WM2, Bundy got $16,000; For WM3, Tom Zenk got $10,000 and as noted Hogan and Andre got 750k, a then payoff record.
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