Sunday, May 22, 2011

BRIAN PILLMAN WEEK – 5/18 Match of the Day: Pillman & Tom Zenk vs The Young Pistols (Smothers & Armstrong)

We continue our week-long tribute to Brian Pillman on the week of his birth with a WCW United States Tag Team Title bout from an early-1992 edition of WCW Power Hour, as Pillman teamed with “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk against Tracy Smothers (who might get his own week on Match of the Day soon) and Steve Armstrong, collectively known as the Young Pistols.
The match is absolutely a showcase for Pillman & Zenk’s offense, as they bump the Pistols around like pinballs almost the entire bout. But, the most entertaining part of the match is absolutely the Pistols’ stooging. Smothers became known later in his career as a master stooger, but man alive both guys were awesome being goofy little henchmen in this match. The match isn’t incredibly long, but it’s a perfectly energetic little TV match.


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