Sunday, May 22, 2011


The Fuj says:
I loved the fact that when he shot you into the ropes, he clapped his hands before hitting you with the back elbow…
If you are friends with me on Facebook, I pretty much dedicated my afternoon to Macho Man.
I don’t talk about wrestlers much anymore. Of course Flair 85-93 rules. WWF 86 got me into wrestling. Became a smark in 03 through the Tom Zenk rants, but honestly in terms pure entertainment… Move over Lex cuz Savage was the real total package.
From his look… The frizzy hair… awesome, aweosme sunglasses. The lavish robes…. The pink Macho Man t-shirt which I will be getting off of ebay now.
to the his work… Even the shitty Memphis stalling work, to the crisp WWF work to the horrible WCW work…
To his promos… Nonsensical and coked out as they were. I swear for about a year on youtube, I watched “The cream” promo, its fucking classic. He just keeps pulling out creamers. Puts one on Mean Gene’s head. Gene no-sells it and Macho keeps talking.
The “Freak out” promo, in his ICW days is another one. Watch that promo and tell me he doesnt look like Dr. Teeth from the muppets.
He wasn’t my favorite in the ring, He wasnt my favorie on the mic, he wasnt a box office draw, but when you put all of it together, he is definitely top 5 GOATs in my humble opinion. Truly in a class of his own.
There will never be another.

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