Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OLE ANDERSON .... and the Z-Man


 writes (Thursday, May 27th, 2010 | 01:36 pm (UTC))

"I remember that [Meltzer] show with Z-Man saying that Ole Anderson declared he would suck cock all day for what Sting was being paid. Memories, man . . . I get misty-eyed thinking about it."

The transcript ......

Tom to Ole "[Why are you breaking my balls]. What about a guy like Sting? He's making $750,000 a year. Why don't you go after him? All the people are dressed like chairs! Ole says to me, '$750,000 a year?!? For $750,000 a year, I'd suck cock all day, line 'em up!'  And, Ole, Rock Rogowski, if you're listening, you sue me for slander if that's a lie, because that's the damn truth. (Wow. 4 appositives. Is that some kind of record?) What do you say to that? What do you say to a guy that says something like that? He went after me and Pillman, but not a guy like Sting who wasn't drawing, but was making $750,000. But Ole said, 'Line 'em up. [He'd] suck cock all day.' for $750,000."

Dave: "We've gotta go to a break right now."

Tom: "Yeah, you like that one, huh?"

Dave: "Oh yeah."

-Tom Zenk on the WOL, 10/00

 ...Meanwhile here's Ole denying he killed off the younger talent to push his old buddies instead....

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