Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tom Zenk 6 attires with alt blonde hair.2 mpks for 6 attires included 2 portraits entrance hack (by Yandaolution)moveset (by dabaddguy) no blood  (source)

Orson's Rick Martel base for arms,legs,trunks and hair on chest back.
Snypernfsu2 body face template knee pads.
Ramfan22890 laces on boots.
Raw 2 hair
DoR2 boots
Lower brightness yandaolution
finding attire 6 dabaddguy
Cam-am connection jacket credit Orson's baseball jacket
entrance hack yandaolution

Big thanks to Orson mostly his bases dabaddguy for the smooth moves
and Yandaolution for the awesome entrance hack.

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