Friday, July 22, 2011

Wrestling Observer Newsletter
May 27, 1991

- Owen Hart, who had previously wrestled for the company in January, and Colorado independent worker Too Cold Scorpio wrestled dark matches at TV tapings this week. We can confirm that Owen Hart has signed, and Scorpio might not be far behind. In January, Hart turned down WCW's offer, but now there is apparently more money on the table. There's some feeling that signing Hart will be a nice doorway to his brother-in-law, the recently released from the WWF Davey Boy Smith.

- The company's big angle at the moment is the ninja that appeared this week to stare down Flair. WCW brass has been very tight lipped with who the character will be, but we have learned that it is not a long term angle, and that Tom Zenk filled the role at the tapings. They feel that by dragging it out it would bring comparisons to the Black Scorpio angle last year, which was a critical and box office bust.

- The One Man Gang might be gone. He missed one of the TV tapings which caused an angle to be scrapped. Although his match was shown on TV this week, he's not on any immediate booking sheets. If Gang is gone, casualties by association may be Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes) and Kevin Sullivan, neither of whom have really impressed on their current run.

- It appears that Butch Reed is on his way out of the company. He is no longer being managed by Teddy Long and we've been told he's just finishing his dates and will not be resigned.

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