Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WWE Vintage Collection - May 8 2011

Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman - January 11 1992 

Foley & Abbey take on the Z-Man and Pillman when he was known as Flyin' Brian.  Much has been said about the substandard business that WCW were doing then but this was truly from an era where I personally loved the company.  Zenk and Pillman were a tremendous tag team and Foley and Abdullah were a strange tag team in that they were actually in a feud with one another at the same time; the demented crazies that they were. 

Extremely lively match where all the wrestlers got their chance in the ring with no side having the upper hand.  In an exchange between Cactus and Pillman, the Flyin' one botched a move off the tope rope (either that or it was deliberate and  I'm just stoopit) and injures his hamstring.

This led to Pillman suffering a disadvantage as Cactus worked on his injured leg and Abdullah hit him with his patented shrunken-head-on-a-stick outside the ring.  The gruesome twosome would continue to their wicked ways until the Z-Man was eventually tagged in, but while the ref was distracted, Cactus would whack him over the head with the shrunken-head-on-a-stick (copyright, Jim Ross) and the Butcher picked up the pinfall victory.  In the post-match beatdown of Pillman and Zenk, Cactus would inadvertently hit his partner with the shrunken-head-on-a-stick which led to both partners brawling to the back as they did almost every time they tagged back then.

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